ungroup is a Berlin-based creative practice engaged in design, research and programming. The studio works collaboratively across various media on self-initiated projects alongside commissions, for diverse clients ranging from individuals to institutions.

Club Quarantäne

As the first lockdown hit Germany, a group of friends got together to initiate an online venue in support of the international club scene. Club Quarantäne was born.

We took care of creating and developing the online experience. The parties - each lasting 42 hours - were split into different rooms, a main dance floor with music and collectively interactive visuals, a bar to donate to the artists and the restrooms, functioning as private group chats.

The platform focused on creating a space for a collective, memorable experience, bringing everyone from the scene back together while we were all stuck at home. The users identified by a unique color they picked at the entry. So that we kept the anonymity of the club with enough recognisability to encourage social interaction.

The events were free for everyone and financed by sponsorships as well as donations from the visitors.



CQ1, CQ2, CQ3


Nuxt.js, Node.js, Unreal Engine, YouTube API

Concept, Experience Design, Curation & Delivery

Club Qu

Web Design & Web Developement


Art Direction & Environment Design (Stream)

IOR 50 studio

3D Assets Design (Stream)

25M42 & Cle Cosinus

Unreal Development (Stream)

Clifford Sage